hello and welcome

What is the Absteige and who is behind it?

Hello, we are Sabine and Martin. We are behind the two small apartment houses Riedz & Absteige and have designed and built them together with love and care so that you can spend your vacation there today. How exactly, you will find out if you read on …

it startet with the Riedz

Everything started with Riedz Apartments. In summer 2013, we (Sabine, Julia, Martin Senior & Junior) sat around our garden table and spoke about what was important to us on our previous trips. Where did we like to stay, and why? The two cats purred contentedly at our feet. Where to begin? One step at a time.

The house had experienced a lot with us since we moved there in the 90s. Schoolbags, children’s birthdays, graduation parties, 40th birthdays…. 50th birthdays! Old trees, whose losses were mourned and later replanted. Also dust and sweat and a lot of work. The children have long since left the nest, and the students have gone their own ways. A new adventure is calling! A new purpose.

We have lived in Innsbruck for a long time, and we feel at home in this house, in idiosyncratic Hötting. One is not only close to the city centre, but also nature. It is a different Innsbruck, one that a traveller wouldn’t necessarily be able to discover on their own. To experience our perspective, our life, our style of living. And now your accommodation! And then the S14 and the Absteige sprouted.

More than "absteigen"

Since the Riedz was so well received, we expanded our concept to the S14 (in the more urban part of Innsbruck called Wilten) and the Absteige (in the neighbourhood of the Riedz).
The S14 is now in new hands, as we are reaching the age of 60 and it is about time for us to enjoy a little more free time again. The Absteige – our motley, idiosyncratic little house – blossoms more and more every year.

It has been around for many years (born in 1895!), and with age there come wrinkles and scratches on the facade. From the inside, however, the Absteige is beautiful, colorful and lively. In its very own, peculiar style.

Inner beauty is the most beautiful of all, and step by step it will manifest itself on the outside. We take care of that, when we have the time and leisure. With a lot of love and a lot of color. It will be exciting to see what the next few years will bring. We believe that the Absteige has many great things in store!

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